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  • Name: Non-API
  • Number: 003

1. TD JIP series with premium connection:
A. High connection strength technology that the connection strength will exceed the strength of pipe.
B. Optimized joint stress distribution for stronger anti-stress cracking performance.
C. Multi sealing for joint, air-tight performance can be up to burst internal yield pressure of pipe.
D. Anti-galling technology.
2. TD Series casing and tubing:
A. High collapse resistance casing: TD95T and TD110T
B. TD series casing for thermal wells: TD110H
C. Corrosion resistant tubing and casing: TD110S

3. Expandable pipe:
Expandable Tubular Technology was developed in the United States in 1999. Our company and Beijing Petroleum Drilling Institute work together and have developed a stable mechanical properties and premium connecting thread of new products.
1. The naked eye system: as a contingency casing drilling process in time complexity of the well condition;
2. Casing system: repair damaged casing, production returned to normal; 
3. Liner hanger system: instead of the conventional liner hanger systems, access to larger diameter and suspension force; 
4. Ultimate goal: the full-well the same size casing to replace the existing multi-layer casing structure.